The Socially Browse Chrome extension allows you to rate & comment on any webpage without leaving it, specific to the webpage (not the website as a whole). No feedback box? Need advice? Or if you just want to leave your thoughts! You can use Socially Browse.
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Looks great, what do you think is the best use case for the extension? Maybe to check if sites are scams?
@felipe_otalora Hey some use cases are commenting on wikipedia pages, news articles (sometimes comments are all the way at the bottom or they don't have comments), job boards, company websites (snapchat for example) and more. Its a super non-intrusive and easily accessible comment system. Basically making every web page social.
Neat idea! Any public source of analytics for us nerds?
@thinkdigital Hi, thanks for reaching out. Not at this time. If Socially Browse gets some traction we will continue to build the platform out and will make sure to include some public analytics.
This sounds useful. I wonder how it actually works though - is everyone who gets this extension able to see what others have commented and rated the site? Does the feedback get sent to the site owners themselves as well?
@ruby_gao1 Hey so yes everyone with the extension can comment and rate any webpage. The comment can also be viewed directly from the Socially Browse website and from the plug in if you're on the specific webpage. If Socially Browse grows I assume owners will start monitoring what people say about their webpages.
I thought of this when I wanted to report a bug on a website and there was no way to contact the website owner. Another time there was no way to leave a comment or feedback on a certain review and I wanted to share my thoughts.
great Extention