Social Story Superhero

Interactive game that teaches kids social/living skills

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I love the idea behind this game. @nikki_d01 What was the background on this? How did you come up with the original idea?
@jakecrump thank you... I have worked with kiddos on the spectrum for over five years and I recognized the challenge in teaching them daily living and social skills. I wanted to come up with something that could not only be accessible to parents, but also fun and interactive for kids. Not every parent has the time or trained teachers or therapists working one-on-one with their child to teach them these challenging skills. I hope parents will find this tool engaging, helpful, and fun as they advance their kid's daily living and social skills!
@ryan_olsen great question! This is an ongoing challenge but social media has been helpful. Also, getting in touch with specific companies or organizations that will put the word out there for you and reach your my case, Autism Speaks, imums, Special Needs Parenting, etc. But to your point, I do think having an educational aspect is an advantage. Parents I have worked with love to find games that engage their child while they are learning necessary skills and tend to search for game apps that fall under the education umbrella.
What methods do you use to generate awareness with parents? Once upon a time, I worked on a game that was geared towards kids and getting any kind of traction was the biggest uphill battle. Do you find the educational aspects make parents more receptive?