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We're happy to launch this today. Panda (http://usepanda.com) and Buffer (http://buffer.com) have teamed up to bring you an extensive collection of useful social media articles to read. All handpicked and curated! Read articles by @hnshah, @rebekahradice, @kristihines, @jonloomer and many more.
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@williamchanner Just loved it. Thank you! Btw, what is your thought on letting users favorite the articles so that they can read it later? That would help you to prompt the users sign in too. For signed in users a Pocket integration as well would be a good idea.
Social media 101. I like the way it reads. Simple and concise. Well done guys!
@sergesalager Thanks Serge. Spot on, social media 101!
Nice. Very useful resource. Thank you guys!
@steerj92 Thanks for the kind words John.
@williamchanner you're very welcome. It's nice to see 'contribution' rather than the traditional 'consumption'
Awesome, thanks for creating this.
Brilliant. Thank you guys!