Social Mako

Affordable Social Media Management Platform

Today, having social media is crucial for any business to succeed. But most social media management platforms are incredibly expensive and limiting to the business. We are one of the most affordable and efficient platforms in the industry.
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Social Mako was founded on the foundation that social media management platforms are too expensive. Ok, we get it. They need to pay for Server space, employees, development, and more server space and more development. Our theory has always been that if your services are lower-cost, then more people would enjoy it. We aim to be the lowest cost social media platform out there that offers all of their features no matter how much you are paying.
Great work guys!! :)
Great work! Very useful.
Looks cool, but... There are plenty services like that. What unique features do you have?
@keiwonxavier All platforms have different features. I am not sure they are "unique". I think that our competitive advantage is a right combination of features. The platform has been built with efficiency in mind—an all in one solution where the management of social media accounts is made easy, convenient, and cost effective.
Nice product, very useful right now. Thanks.
@peterviolassi Thank you, Peter!