Social Distancing Works

Self-quarantine by adding a mask to our profile pic

Self-quaranting is invisible.
By putting a mask on your profile pic indicating you are staying home, you can be an example to your friends and family.
If you are willing to add a mask to your profile pic, please visit:
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Hi Product Hunt, We wanted to encourage the notion of social distancing in a more visual way to help encourage friends and loved ones to take the COVID-19 more seriously. So now you can help protect your virtual profile with this mask generator 😷. And help spread awareness too! Please keep in mind that due to the shortage of mask supply, please leave (N95 and medical) masks to medical staff, caretakers, and those who are feeling ill. If you are able to, please wear a DIY mask as they can still reduce the spread.
🍿👾😬If you have been self-quarantining or social distancing, let's be real what takes up most of your day?
Binging Netflix all day
Living without pants
Remembering how to cook
Gaming all day and all night.
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@gndclouds I'm definitely cooking more
@gndclouds ehrm....redesigning and rebranding night and enjoying daughter and wife during the day...
@gndclouds @michael_andreuzza cool!! will you release on product hunt?
@rrhoover yumm, what was the last new dish you tried cooking?
Hey @jessmei_ ! I already did. Thank you for asking.
New profile picture it is :D
Thanks guys! it'll help raise awareness indeed
I like the idea to raise awareness, but with the mask shortage it comes of like encouraging peoples to get masks at home when the healthcare workers and first responders need them.
@lori_dunkin thank you for sharing this! We have a note in response to this concern onthe top of the site Additionally, we've linked to a tweet showing how diy masks are ~70% as efficient as a surgical mask. Stay safe and healthy!