Snowball Money

Smart crypto portfolio investing for everyone ❄️

#4 Product of the WeekAugust 01, 2019
Snowball is revolutionizing the way people invest in cryptocurrency by offering one, safe, easy-to-use place to invest in tax-optimized crypto portfolios or "bundles" that pay you interest.
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Hello Product Hunt World, After almost 2 years of building, we're thrilled to announce Snowball Money today! Most of us entering the crypto space are anything but experts. Waking up one day and deciding you are going to enter into the crypto space is both exciting and terrifying, and this is the exact reason why Snowball was created, it eliminates confusion by offering one, safe, easy-to-use place to invest in trusted crypto portfolios. So, with Snowball, it’s as simple as: - downloading the app and signing up, - choosing the portfolio you want to invest in, - funding your account via your bank, - and then sitting back to watch your portfolio snowball and grow. We would love to hear any thoughts and feedback from the community. PS: Where do we go next? Asia? UK? Canada? We want to know! Any features that you’d like us to add? Which platform do you want us to build in next? Android? Web? PPS: We have revolutionary features on the horizon like Tax Optimization, Making Interest on your Portfolio etc. Thanks in advance for the love and feedback.
@whoisparul Mate, can't wait to be able to use the app in India.
@whoisparul it would be really awesome of we could test and try this app in Android soon :)
@whoisparul Cant wait to have it on droid :)
@whoisparul @diligit_ludum Thanks for your interest in Snowball! Having the Android version soon is definitely one of our priorities. Stay tuned!
@whoisparul supper excited for Canada! I've been following @jason_stone and this looks amazing I can't wait
Snowball is a huge step forward in making crypto investment accessible to everyone! So thrilled to support this product and see it become the huge success it deserves to be! Congrats to the team and all the amazing hard work they have put into this!
@dflanegan Thank you for being a part of our journey!!!
@dflanegan You are a legend Dan and we honor you for being the product brilliance behind us. Your efforts have been world class and I can't wait to see what we are able to do together!
Ever since pitching to @jason_stone we've been chatting about the future of crypto and the possibilities. Jason showed me what the Snowball team has been building and it's simply amazing! I'm excited to be able to hunt a product that will help change crypto investing.
@sethlouey Were glad that you love the product, and were so excited to release it to the masses!
@jason_stone @sethlouey Thanks for the kind words, Seth. We are ecstatic to have your support. We are on a mission to be the most trusted way to have exposure to this asset class and support from the community is key! It's been a long journey of being licensed as an Internet investment advisor, product market fit research, curating a waitlist of over 135k people and building a grandmother tested app to make it so easy that everyone can use it.
@sethlouey @jason_stone just explain me something in detail.....
@sethlouey @harish_raja_33 yes, what is your question?
@sethlouey @jason_stone @harish_raja_33 I want snowball money should be launched in India 2nd because its a huge market and lot of ppl are excited about crypto in this country but need to check guidelines with Indian government.
The idea had been in the air for a while. Seems these guys nailed it. The app looks awesome!
@vkedyk Thank you for your feedback! We really appreciate it. Maybe there are some features you'd like to see on the Snowball app that are not there yet?
@vkedyk Thanks for the feedback, Vitaliy. Our goal is to remain nimble such that we evolve with the times.
The team behind the product is super strong! Good job guys!
@denzhadanov This means the world, coming from a legend who has accomplished so much in such a little time, Denys! Very grateful to have your support and feedback as we navigate these murky waters of crypto.