Snow Pro by Eager

Add a snow storm to your website for the holidays.

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We created Snow Pro to give people an easy way to add a winter feeling to their website, without many of the performance concerns of other libraries. To give everyone a chance to try it out, we're making it free for any PH user who sends a tweet. Happy Holidays :)
@zackbloom hey zack, looks like the link goes to a 404 (btw nice Mario)
@kevin_granger @zackbloom Ha, this must be a first. Product Hunt adds a "?ref=producthunt" query parameter for tracking. Unfortunately 'ref' is an actual parameter to that page ( Should be fixed shortly, thanks!
@zackbloom hah. oops sorry πŸ˜»πŸ™Œ
Using this on a landing page for a project i am working on and have to say i am hugely impressed.
If only I didnt see this so late :( Dont want snow past Xmas