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Snooze Tabby

A simple way to snooze your tabs for later


Snooze Tabby is a simple browser extension to snooze tabs for later.

Found an interesting article or website while doing something important?

Should you bookmark it and open it later?

Problem is you don't even know if it's worth having bookmarked.

And maybe you will forget all about it.

Just snooze it for later and keep being focused now.

Would you recommend this product?
Founder - ChiefOnboarding

I used to have so many tabs open that I couldn't read anymore what the tabs were about (favicons can be a life saver, lol). A lot of tabs was information for something that I should get done some time. Now, I can just easily snooze them. My browser looks a lot more organized now. Really nice.


Simple, but very neat extension.


It requires the history perm. It seems to be necessary for opening/closing tabs. I checked out the source code - all good.

Owner, Simple Lotus

Snooze Tabby is a very good extension. It is missing a few key features that make Tab Snooze a better option for me. While Snooze Tabby does allow for adding custom snooze periods based on number of hours, it doesn't provide the option to pick a date AND time on the fly. This is my most used feature in Tab Snooze. I prefer the grid view in Tab Snooze as it makes the selection process easier and faster. I also love the integrated ToDo list in Tab Snooze, it is a great extra feature that I find myself using more than I thought I would.

I would still recommend Snooze Tabby for those that don't need date and time or ToDo list options. I will be keeping an eye on Snooze Tabby but I won't be making the switch as I would miss the enhanced features found in Tab Snooze.


Simple. Custom snooze periods. Import data from Tab Snooze. Active development.


No custom date + time option.

Hi Just, first of thanks for the review. I actually just implemented the "Pick date" feature today and it's published so you just have to update the extension. The reason for not using a grid type of layout is because of the dynamic amount of custom timings. I am looking into another solution to make the design more clean on this part. As far as the ToDo feature i'm not sure i will make this, there's already a lot of great ToDo apps out there. I might still do it later though.

I'm an avid user of snooze features in various browsers I was making the switch to Firefox because snooze tab the app that shares lots of the features of this one was abandonware and had serious glitches that made it trustless, I tried quantum just for the snooze tabs extension that Firefox team was developing but the progress was and still is VERY VERY SLOW, I ā€˜m happy to see someone pure the love into this tool. In Firefox there was no support at all for special tabs (like the extensions shortcuts or the suspended tabs) and the feature I use the most to-dos wasn't even in the roadmap, later on the revelation came I found about this app and after trying and trying to get this extension to work in Firefox, I almost surrender and went on with inferior Firefox versions, however I asked myself "why did I change to Firefox in the first place??" Iā€™m back at chrome using seamlessly the extension and just waiting for a way to support it and to see all the features the roadmap talks about being developed and sharing my feedback, so more people can use it

(this + tab queue for chrome šŸ™)


a organization extension that just works