Celebrity News app from Microsoft

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Youth play? Something about this strikes me as kinda sad.
Lets you follow your favorite famous people to get news of their latest activities as it happens. To get started, simply follow the celebs that you want to keep up with. Each news event includes multiple media reports, images, high-profile tweets, and even related YouTube videos.
Not to be a wet blanket but this seems duplicative of Twitter and Facebook. Microsoft may push celebs to promote their Snipp3t profile to build another channel to promote themselves and that might work but this app's target audience is probably already following these celebs on established networks. Maybe I'm missing something. Thoughts?
@rrhoover I don't see it becoming another channel for celebs to create exclusive content for but I think Microsoft are going for more of an aggregator-style product here - repackaging existing Bing data into mobile-friendly, followable channels (with a focus on celebrities). Interesting to see them experimenting on iOS first and not Windows Phone.