SnipNotes for macOS

A versatile note-taking app. On all your Apple devices.

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Hi! I'm proud to finally release the macOS version of SnipNotes, my note-taking app which is already available for iOS and Apple Watch. SnipNotes focuses on two areas: It provides you with a variety of ways to quickly save information and it offers intelligent actions depending on the content of your notes. On the Mac, SnipNotes can create new notes right from the menu bar, from notification center, with the share menu and with customizable keyboard shortcuts (e.g. save selected text). SnipNotes categorizes notes automatically based on their content and provides an action for each type. For example, when you save an address, SnipNotes will show a little map of the location and can redirect you to Apple Maps for further details. When SnipNotes recognizes a date or time, it allows you to create a calendar event right within the app. SnipNotes recognizes many more content types like flight numbers or phone numbers and provides intelligent actions for each type. SnipNotes for macOS also provides a solid feature set for organizing your notes. You can create custom categories, assign note titles and use search. Multiple notes can be selected and moved (or deleted) with drag-and-drop. Your notes save automatically and synchronize with other Macs, iOS devices and Apple Watch over iCloud. SnipNotes also supports Handoff and the new Touch Bar on MacBook Pro. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. πŸ˜ƒ Here is a link to the iOS app. Both apps are on sale right now. πŸ‘