Comments on “Sneek
Stefani@stefaniwhylie · Founder @ SimpleKeep
Been dying for something like this to come out since Sqwiggle's unfortunate demise. Tried it out, and we like it a bit more than Sqwiggle. Fast, and we haven't had any issues with quality.
Del Currie@delcurrie · Sneek
@stefaniwhylie Thanks for the add! Just hit us up if you need help with anything!
Eric Anderson@theericanderson · Software Engineer (Growth) at Keen IO
@delcurrie @stefaniwhylie I couldn't agree more! There are privacy concerns that this sort of product will have to face head on - but I really hope the remote work community can start to see the benefits of this sort of thing. Seeing the faces of the other humans you work with is immeasurably helpful to feeling connected to your team mates. I'll try and give… See more