Event based dating

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Do you think that asking your users to "Anonymously invite your Gmail contacts" to be a Premium Member (not sure what this even means) is an ethical beginning for your app / company?
@imatincr We believe providing an easy way for our users to share sndbx with their network is ethical. We think those who disagree will simply choose not to use this feature. We host invite only parties that we will invite our most engaged users to.
Hi @whtny0 here, Co-Founder of sndbx. We started this app out of frustration that we were wasted a lot of time on dating apps, swiping and chatting with people who we never met up with. Our research showed that on average, <10% of chats actually led to real offline meetups. People are on dating apps to actually go on dates and that is the experience sndbx seeks to create. Aziz Ansari said it best in his book Modern Romance, "But our research also convinced me that too many people spend way too much time doing the online part of online dating, not the dating part". We believe the two biggest factors that lead to endless chats are deciding when to meet and what to do. Each week we curate the best local events with a diversity of choices. Users will decide which day they are available for a date and choose an event (e.g. coffee, food festival, bar, etc.) where they are interested in meeting up for a one-on-one date (this is not Grouper or MeetUp). Anyone that is within a user's swipe pool, will have met their selected preferences and is available for a date the same day they chose. By matching on availability and providing fun events, users have a much higher likelihood of meeting up. We have partnered with many Bay Area venues, event planners and promoters to feature their events. It is a great partnership because we drive users to their events and we share in the economics of tickets sold via sndbx. Why the name sndbx? We believe the nostalgic environment of enjoying playing in a sndbx is an experience we hope to create. Also, it is a technical term for a testing environment. sndbx will be this environment that leads to offline dates.