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#2 Product of the DaySeptember 11, 2014
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I didn't know Google Maps was customizable. These are slick. Once we add tagging to products, I'd love to see someone mashup a Product Hunt themed map with products in those locations.
Hi everybody, I'm the creator of Snazzy Maps and it's awesome to see so many people enjoying it! We're working hard on a new version that will add user accounts, favourites, and a custom editor so you can make your own styles right on the site. If you have any questions or feedback please let me know.
@adamkrogh does this work for the mobile sdk?
@preetnation No unfortunately it is web only. Google Maps API doesn't support styles on the mobile SDKs. But you can vote for a feature request to add it into the Android SDK here: Hopefully it will be supported in the near future!
@adamkrogh thanks for the heads up
Snazzy Maps looks awesome, much better than the standard GM design, plus the possibility do to something unique with something as basic as a map.
Used it in several projects. Great themes and super easy to implement.
I spent a few hours trying to get Google Maps to look like Mapbox a couple of months ago. This is a brilliant initiative, thanks!
@oscaralexander was that for our stealthy startup? :P