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Hi everyone, Alex and I made Snapvice over the weekend. Like everyone else we've been following Snapchat's rise. Noticed that there are tons of hidden tricks, awesome people to follow, etc and all these things are hard to find. So we made Snapvice, a weekly newsletter about Snapchat. We'll be including a Q&A with a successful Snapchatter, interesting news, relevant tips and awesome people/brands to follow. Short and sweet. Also thank you Shai and Eddie for helping out!
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@benln despite being a 'social media freak' I could definitely use this. I find the best and easiest selfies actually come from snapchat. Looking forward to tips!
Thanks for making this. The Snapchat onboarding experience is um, not great. So excited to read the weekly tips and tricks and pumped that I'm being featured as well! Thanks guys!
Will be great for old guys like myself :-) Trying #Snapchat lately and these gold nuggets will definitely help.
@yamre What's your Snap name?
@aaronzakowski It's still top secrete :) Kidding. I just created it and reading tons of stuff. My current status: pre-pre-launch
I signed up for this! Snapchat is powerful and I want to learn more about the platform. I consider myself a great snapchatter, but let's see what I can increase with your tips. Thanks for sharing 😄✌
@gabrielreynard awesome, enjoy!
Thanks, @benln! Maybe I will finally understand what the craze is all about :-)
@arikfr Nope. You are too old.
@arikfr You will :)