Capture anything you want on the web, incredibly quickly

Snapup provides smooth interface and functionalities to capture anything you want on the web. You just need an URL.
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Hello Folks, Snapup is a Screenshot as a Service. It has some cool functionalities like, - You can take a screenshot instantly. - The screenshot is available on PNG, JPEG, and PDF format. - You can schedule a screenshot. In that case, a screenshot will be taken periodically (Daily, Hourly) which will be available on the dashboard and will be emailed to you as an attachment. - With the paid plans, there also a free plan available to play with all these functionalities. - You can add a delay before taking a screenshot. - You can take the screenshot in different screen sizes. - With the PC view, there is also mobile view option available. - You can take a full-page screenshot. - Multiple Regions (IPs) available to simulate browsing from different locations. The service can be used for, - Content verification - Content tracking - SEO tracking - Sponsored product tracking - Competition tracking - Trend tracking - Ranking tracking - and many more
It's a creative product and product design is unique.
Hey, we’re using URLbox in our company ( but Sometime it can’t handle the screenshots properly. Do you guys have API ?
@acellary Hi, glad to hear that you are using similar service. Currently we don't have API, we are working on it as our next milestone, which is projected to release on next week. Even if you want extensive use, we have enterprise plans as well. Feel free to reach out
@acellary Here is our API docs: . Your feedback is much appreciated.
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@acellary Don't worry about that. Our premium packages don't have any of such limitations. Just check if our features full-fill your requirements, we can help you with these limitations.
Great job!!😊 Will check it out!! Looks nice especially the UI. On what all platforms we can
@ayushchandra Thanks. Don't forget to give some feedback.
Fine, but you shouldn't copy Logo from "Motion Stills" App by Google -_-
@towfiqpiash You must be kidding. I am not sure how the logo is a copy of that logo ! Maybe you don't have enough design sense.
@s4kibs4mi Sure I don't! Dude with awesome design sense, have peace ✌