Take a photo of your homework & get help from a tutor

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Kids now days got it so easy. 😛
This could have been incredibly useful throughout college - too bad I'm graduating in a month! Who is answering or solving the problems?
@_ryangilbert there are thousands of Top Student Tutors from colleges all over the U.S. solving the questions. They are undergrad and grad students so they can answer pretty much any question from any academic level
I'm the CEO of StudyRoom, makers of the Snapsolve app. Our brand new app provides students from any grade level, elementary to graduate level, with high-quality, on-demand help from out Top Student Tutors. If you're stuck on homework just snap a picture of the problem and get a detailed answer in minutes. We will be checking out this post the entire day so if you have any questions or comments feel free to post it below
How are you handling cheating/plagiarism between students?
@babu_ck most of the time students who get stuck studying or doing homework and they can't get help end up cheating to save their grade. By providing students with extra academic help on demand we're actually increasing their learning outcome and reducing cheating. Our tutors never give out just answers but rather they provide a thorough step-by-step explanation to maximize the understanding of the topic
@emersonmalca Thats a great value. Are you moderating if the tutors give out entire answers?
@babu_ck Yes, we have the entire team currently on it and a Slack integration (love those!) so we get notified of everything coming in and going out
This is a product that when they need and want it they want it now. How do you manage levels and staffing? Lots of tutors on tap?
@joshdance Yes, thousands of tutors from all over the U.S. available. Extra compensation for early and late hours. They can access questions from their computer or now also from their phone so they can be really fast