Share your life on screen through screenshots

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Ed LeaFounder, Highgate Labs
Is there a reason it's not launched in the UK store? Doesn't seem like an app that is geo-specific
@edlea Hi Ed - Sorry for that! Testing in the U.S. for now, but will open to other countries soon!
Hi guys, I'm the creator of Snappning, an app that makes it easy to share your life from the POV of your screen. It's a place to share awkward Tinder conversations, late night UberPOOL adventures, news snippets from The New York Times, and embarrassingly high scores on Kim Kardashian:Hollywood. I built the app out of frustration for what I saw was the poor treatment of mobile screenshots across existing image sharing networks. Screenshots need more context than photos for us to "get" (i.e. what app is that?) and unlike images shared from the web, screenshots taken from within apps do not have URLs that can be bookmarked and shared. My solution is to inject screenshots with app metadata (i.e. app name, genre, developer, App Store link, icon, etc.) as the "new URL" for mobile. This makes it easy to search and discover content by app. For app developers, it means proper attribution to their app, including an app install link (i.e. users can download any app directly from Snappning). In terms of protecting user privacy, there's a built-in censor tool to censor anything you don't want to share in a screenshot. The app is in beta, so any feedback would be appreciated! I can be reached at jason [at] Thanks! Jason
Violeta Nedkova
Creative Rebel Coach
Really clever name! Any plans for Android?
@v4violetta Unfortunately iOS for the time being. It's a bit of a crazy idea, and want to see how people play with it on iOS before working on other platforms :)