Virtual fitting room for online apparel shoppers

#3 Product of the WeekMarch 13, 2020
SnapLook is a browser extension which online apparel shoppers can use as a virtual fitting room. Users can try clothes and accessories from any online store on their photo before purchasing.
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@amirul, thanks for hunting us! Hey product hunters! Have you ever purchased clothes online before, then realized that they don't quite match? I am Yu Min Kim, CEO at SnapLook, a chrome extension for online apparel shoppers who love shopping but also want smarter purchase decisions. Having been on the inside of the e-commerce world, I saw how apparel companies deal with the problem. They offer free return, subscription box, and etc. They just work around the problem. So me and my coworkers have decided to come up with a more genuine solution: a virtual fitting room! With SnapLook, no need to imagine how multiple items look put together, simply try them on your photo! You can try any clothes and accessories from any store on you before purchasing; the possibilities are endless! After a year of developing, we are finally ready to showcase our product! Our goal is to never stop improving on our product, so please give us feedback! Best, Yu Min Kim
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@amirul @yu_min_kim This is great- I have had this problem! Would you be interested in an interview about you, your startup, and the path you're on with it? I run a blog/ podcast website called esent ( which stands for early stage entrepreneur network) and I'de love to connect with you. Let me know either here or email at Looking forward to talking, great work!
@amirul @gmail @degasel_ Sure, we would love to connect with you too! How should we start?
@amirul @gmail @yu_min_kim Lets chat about you and, high-level, what the journey was like for your team from zero to launch. This link: is the easiest way to set up the pre-interview call. I'm free pretty much any time!
@amirul @gmail @yu_min_kim What's your email- I'll reach out!
Just love it, user-friendly, accurate and fast. Congrats on the launch!
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Awesome product! Congrats for the idea.
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I LOVE this idea! wanna try items on my photo as well!
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@eunsoo_park We are planning to add that feature in next release! Until then, you can import your photo online if it is hosted somewhere.
@eunsoo_park Now we have this feature! Please try it out!
Congrats on the new adventure!!
@davidsalas10 We are very exited. Thanks for congrats!