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Snapgif is the coolest and easiest gif maker from photos to create stories

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Feeling lazy? Snapgif creates automatically fun Gif from your pics stored in your phone.

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Hey Product Hunters, happy New Year!!! Just made this cool GIF maker, what do you think about it?
Looks cool! Wanted to start using it right away to make an animated gif of my screenshots on my Android device, but no Google Play app available. Hope it comes soon :)
Nice to be able to use content from the camera roll as well as taking photos to create a gif and the option to edit and even add text and stickers to each frame is good. There is an icon on the website that suggests there is an Android app but it is not available yet. The three things thing that hold me back from using and recommending the app are: - no quick template that would allow the gif to be made in different formats - landscape, square and portrait - the ability to change the speed is just fast or slow - it would be good to have more control - and most importantly - that there is a large watermark promoting the app on the top right of the gif you create and no option to disable it - an in-app purchase would be good and bring it on par with other gif creation tools that organisations and entrepreneurs want to use in their content marketing.
@krishnade thank you for the feedback. How much would you be ready to pay to remove the watermark? I was thinking of $9.99 or $14.99 since it removes completely my exposure with no branding.
@damien_rottemberg I personally think it is unlikely you will get many sign ups for that price. I have just taken a look at the prices for some very fully featured gif apps that I have invested in and the max I see is €2.29 - and if you compare your app to other visual apps for videos or images, again you will see them being around the max of that price unless they are tools where there are constantly new featured added and they are pro tools perhaps with subscriptions. You might want to do some research of other apps and their prices. It all depends on your objectives.