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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 29, 2016
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Last night Snapchat rolled out a web version of Snapchat... sort of. You can watch the Oscars story right now at I'd expect to see other event-based stories make their way to the web as Snapchat has already become a destination for news and entertainment for so many. We web-based experience seems inevitable, even though it changes the intimate, personal dynamic that's core to Snapchat. It looks like this: h/t @ajs at Business Insider for this
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:O infinite loading with adblock
@orliesaurus Sorry you ran into that, we are addressing
Aaah! Hoped it was live-streaming :( I'm expecting Snapchat to rollout a full Periscope/Meerkat-like Live feature (or to acquire Meerkat)... soon, soon.
@ianissoawesome My thoughts too. It seems like the obvious thing to do :-)
This, but for personal stories-- editable and interactive and embeddable, please!
@nathenmcvittie so basically instagram?
This makes complete sense for Snapchat and where it's going. There are still many folks who refuse to download Snapchat because of its difficult to understand UI. By making stories and content accessible elsewhere, Snapchat can start to lure in people who were previously hesitant to sign up. I think soon we'll see web-based experiences for more Live stories, Discover and eventually personal stories. It could look something like this: (if it's a public account)