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I'm waiting for the link to propagate on the App Store. Once it does i'll be able to see how I like it. new snapchat features going something like this 1) what is that 2) that seems dumb 3) maybe I should use that 4) ubiquity
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I love Snapchat. It's fascinating to see it become more of a source of news and media. This is a strong step in that direction.
Ironically, Twitter, one of their biggest competitors imho, just launched Group DMs and Video today. I'm curious to hear @evanspiegel's thoughts on this.
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@evanspiegel @rrhoover I wish they kept with the raw format of snapchat (like they did with Our Story). I understand why they did it, but as a user it feels strange. One other thing - feels odd to continually swipe without any indication of where you are in the section (is this the last bit of content, or should I infinitely swipe?)
@evanspiegel @rrhoover Great feature and some really fantastic launch partners. Snapchat and Twitter continue to chip away at Facebook's strengths. Very interesting to watch.
@evanspiegel @rrhoover @shaanvp reminds me of what @edotkim was saying (about Amazon) the other day: "A product manager must maintain a deep understanding of the values underpinning their own brand. So, Jeff Bezos, a very smart man who is the CEO of Amazon and, according to many insider accounts, was the de facto product manager for the Fire Phone, failed to recognize that a successful product must embody the values of its brand. This probably sounds incredibly obvious, which may explain why so many product managers seem to forget it." via:
Umm not really. Facebook just posted record numbers and continues to add hundreds of millions of people each year to their user base. Twitter and Snapchat are not even close. And don't forget FB owns Instagram and WhatsApp
I know this just happened and it's awesome. But I can't wait for "group" stories, where people can create their own groups and contribute snaps (i.e. girls night out, product launch, family wedding, high school graduation, etc.)
Came across this interesting trick for adding people on Snapchat in this release When it comes to Discover as a whole though, it's the first time I've been disappointed in a feature release from SC. It seems like a ploy to acquire older users outside the core demo who are looking for a reason to use the product. The content is professionally done, which is jarring compared to the rest of the app. I wish the properties in Discover would actually just use Stories in a more authentic way.
@besvinick I agree that the content format is slightly disappointing. I was hoping that they'd stick to the snapchat story style presentation of content, which I could see being really fun and engaging. For example, imagine ESPN doing SportCenter's Top 10 every morning
@besvinick I have only been reading positive comments so far, but I agree with the point about sticking to Snapchat's core value. I loved the story telling element of snapchat content, but this seems to deviate from snapchat's core product vision in a way. Well packaged and easy to digest, but feels alien to the product itself.
Snapchat is a tool that is in the hands of over 300 million people. let's say only 20 to 30 million of those use it daily they just unlocked a network of content that rivals major broadcast networks in the demos the networks all want. The only interesting thing that is still up for grabs is the tool for influencers in this space. A lot of people have traction and have grown their own personal audience. We need a tool to measure that audience reach and engage with it. That is what I needed when starting to dive into snapchat. That is why I started working on our product flashopp. It will be an interesting road for them but this is a great step in a cool direction. Great work Evan.
@kevinjonas I'm curious to see how they solve the people discovery problem. Clearly this isn't a focus right now but finding interesting people to follow is difficult. I recently asked people on Twitter for recommendations and @besvinick provided a long list of "Snapchat celebs" to follow. cc @carmeldea EDIT: I missed this but Snapchat added a QR code-like mechanism to share your Snapchat profile and scan to follow people. Reminds me of Rooms cc @joshm. Here's mine:
@rrhoover I love the Snapchat player card - it's super meta by snapping the Snapchat card from Snapchat. Here's mine ;P