Snap Search is a 'browser' for Android that is in forever Incognito Mode. It blocks more ads, analytics & trackers than others; is the first browser that doesn't ask for any permissions; and is lightweight at ~4MB.
(It's also got lots of the fancy features)
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Thank you so much @chrismessina for hunting Snap Search 🙏🏻 Snap Search is my attempt at providing a truly private (and extremely fast) way to search the web. It's an Android (soon for iOS) browser with a few really distinguishing features: ↪️ ZERO permissions asked: prevents us and websites from doing fishy things. ↪️ Enhanced Ad-Tracker-Cookie-Analytics Blocker: we block more than the big guys, honestly. ↪️ Over 50 Search Engines/Websites to search in just 1 tap (including PH) ↪️ ~5MB in size ↪️ Integrated Proxy Mode: Hide your IP and access blocked websites ↪️ Dark mode, Reader mode, Auto Block GDPR/Cookie popups, Disable Google AMP and SO much more. Privacy is important. We hate it when someone searches something on Google and then has to see ads about it on Facebook or Instagram. We stop that from happening! I would LOVE to answer questions if any! Looking forward to any feedback 😁
Hey @rajat_vaghan, what's new since your last launch on Product Hunt?
@calum it's come a long way since the first version (almost 11 months ago now) - It has way more features now. - It definitely looks way better now. - It's blocking tech has improved considerably In fact, the first version and the current one barely look or feel like the same app (except the logo and colours obviously remained the same 😅)
From the time I have been using it, I have been worry free about my privacy. Best in its category. Very unique, innovative & useful app. Gives lot of variety of categories to search. I'd highly recommend this app & the upgrade to premium has been totally worth it.
@sharat_humnabadkar1 Appreciate it 🙌🏼
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