Snap Map for Web

Snap Map, now on the web 🌎


The Snap Map is a feature that lets you see where all your friends on the platform were at any given time – provided they were okay with sharing that info. Now there’s a version of Snap Map available for anyone to view on the web -- Snap Map for Web.

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Marcel Turi
Nick Rubin
Christopher Leach
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  • Chand Sethi
    Chand SethiAspiring Product Manager

    Easier to embed stories based on location


    None so far

    If this goes well, more and more media outlets will start embedding Stories from Snap Map for breaking news (such as Hurricane Harvey, Las Vegas Shooting etc.)

    Eventually, it will reach Twitter/Facebook/News to the older audiences- people Snapchat is trying to lure in 2018.

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  • Moath AlShowaiman
    Moath AlShowaimanFounder, Bello

    beautiful design + starting to show care about web users.


    i don't care about the content in snap map.

    maybe a web client/page to watch snaps from friends that would be nice, just like the one that instagram has.

    Moath AlShowaiman has used this product for one day.
  • Christopher Leach
    Christopher LeachProgrammer and Student

    Nice interface


    Don't care about snap map, just who snaps me

    This new update kinda ruined UX for me, also snap maps is cool but I find it creepy so I turn it off and never look.

    Christopher Leach has used this product for one day.