Smooz Browser

Gesture based browser allows one-handed browsing


Not a big fan of Safari or Chrome? Wait no longer... The mobile browser which won "Best of 2016" in the Japan App Store finally goes global🎉

Smooz is the only browser which offers true "desktop class" tab navigation, with customizable gesture controls.

If you are a tab junky, this is THE browser you should definitely give a try👍

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University Student

I have never thought "I want a browser app" before finding Smooz. But it is actually weird to think that it is almost only Safari that is developed by Apple and still on people's iPhone doc. Smooz is definitely an eye-opener.


this search engine actually changes the way you search. definitely more entertaining.


I would say there isn't really cons because they improve and update twice in a month.

Product Manager,mercari

It would be great if I could set this Smooz browser default instead of safari on my iPhone!


It's so useful that I need to compare something to decide from daily purchase to curating information of my business.


Sometimes I close the tabs when I wrongly swipe them. But developing team fix bugs rapidly, then I could believe this product.

iOS Engineer

Customer support team reply my question quickly.


I can browse website with one hand!


I can not customize tool bar.

ebook business

Looking forward to seeing continuous improvements :)


Became my default browser on my smartphone. Stress-free experience & great productivity enhancer. Cannot go back to classic browsers.


No major cons at this moment.

Founder at Questionsly; UCLA MBA

It looks really promising!


Simple to use. Visuals of opening a new tab are slick!


non so far