The intelligent fire camera for homeowners

SmokeD is an intelligent fire camera (with A.I.) for everyone.

The SmokeD camera can quickly detect wildfire (the average time is 5min so far) even from a distance of 10 miles and send an alert to your phone directly.

You, your neighbours and FireTeam may be alerted on time!

There is a Kickstarter campaign so help us bring the project to live!

Hey @arturmatuszczak, This is very cool. How long has this technology been in the works, and how much longer until you're ready for market?
Many thanks, @jacqvon :-) We started SmokeD project (I mean software for wildfire detection) four years ago. At that time, we had an algorithmic approach and in 2016 we launched AI approach. So, now we use two ways to detect smoke in the image feed. The software is already done and used by professional services (forestry, fire teams, etc.) We know the system has a huge potential, we decided to develop a special camera designed only for wildfire detection. Actually, the SmokeD camera is a small computer with gyro and GPS units. It's because the camera isn't for taking pictures only - it has to do more, I mean prepare and send dataset for AI. Going back to your question - software is already done and in use by professional services, but the SmokeD camera for communities will be ready in June 2018. I believe you may find more information and images on our Kickstarter campaign:
β€œSmoke D” led my mind into the gutter
@kcucchia Hmm, I'm afraid what you talking about. Luckily the name is "SmokeD", not "Smoke D" :-)
Very interesting product. Could save lives and cut property damage. Who are your target customers?
@robert_j_wilson Thanks. I believe SmokeD camera may save lives. Our target customers are people that live or have vacation homes close to forest, brushes, grass, etc. - everyone who feels threatened by wildfires. The last consequences of dangerous wildfires in North California show us the camera is for everyone from suburbs as well. If you have a house with a wide view from the top, the SmokeD camera is for you.