Marketing automation and CRM for local business

Smiley automates check-in and marketing workflow, allowing local business owners to focus on building better relationships with their customers.

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@he9qi @he9lin, Proud of what you have built. Was going through your list of products. Few things struck me as far as B2B sales is concerned. a) Visitor Management System - Tracking companies who are hiring for receptionist. A company who is hiring for this role needs a receptionist and hence your product can complement that. b) Marketing Automation - Tracking companies who are hiring for Marketing Automation. Tracking companies who have raised Series A and above. Let me know if this kind of targeting works for you.
@shreyaa_ratra Thank you! We are targeting the local businesses in massage, spa, and beauty industries. So tracking those local businesses that are hiring for receptionists is a very good way. We'll definitely try that. It's rare to see a local business hiring for marketing automation though. Thank you very much for the suggestions! We really appreciate it!