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Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
@rateofclimb Hey Kristian - Can you let us know what compelled you to make this?
Kristian Ljungkvist
@rateofclimb · Founder, Rate of Climb Industries
@bentossell Thanks for submitting SmileSnap! to Product Hunt! There are lots of great apps for manipulating photos after they're taken, but it struck me that there aren't that many apps that try to improve the process of actually taking photos with the iPhone. The rear-facing camera on the iPhone is a fantastic camera. When taking group shots or selfies though, it becomes pretty cumbersome to use it. Lots of fumbling for the shutter button and hoping that you're aiming in the right direction, everyone's in the frame, etc. Most people end up using the front-facing "selfie" camera in these cases. It's a good camera too, but as a photography nerd I always wish people would use the rear-facing, higher quality camera more often. SmileSnap! uses facial feature recognition to track in real-time all the people in the frame of the camera. It will automatically take pictures when all faces are in frame, eyes open and smiling. This makes it easy to use the rear-facing camera since you can just hold it up and slowly move it around to capture everyone. You'll get audio feedback to let you know when pictures are taken. Of course, SmileSnap! also works with the front-facing camera. It also has a "sunglass" mode for when someone in your group is wearing dark sunglasses, obscuring their eyes. Thanks again! -- Kristian Ljungkvist, Rate of Climb.