Mattress for couples with trust issues

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This will clearly give rise to a global increase in couch sex.
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I can see this going really poorly if the algorithm(or is that algoRHYTHM ha) isn't very good. Someone could be accused of cheating when they really were just taking a nap, but the bed sensed them toss or turn too heavily. Just install cameras folks.
hoax, right?
@ugo_alves Beyond extremely elaborate if it is. My guess it's a regular mattress but a viral way to get the brand known.
@stephenmarklevi you're probably right. Smart move
"You don't trust him/her, have you tried couple's counseling?" "Nah, I am just going to spend money on a mattress that confirms my suspicion."
No more jumping on the bed then. This could actually be quite handy in university. I can't tell you how many times my mattress got moved, fiddled with and all sorts. And yes I did it with many others so everyone experienced the pain. But having a mattress that gave me a notification that people were messing with it - at least I'd be prepared for it!! LOL the tagline on the site "If your partner isn't faithful, at least your mattress is"