Wireless microphone that auto-syncs with video in real-time

#3 Product of the DayAugust 24, 2019
SmartMike+ is a groundbreaking wireless microphone records stereo & auto-syncs with video in real-time. It works with smartphones & DSLR, best for content creators, filmmakers, videographers and journalists to make great content easily.
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4 Reviews3.8/5
Pros: - No post-editing needed, it records 44.1kHz stereo and auto-syncs with video; - Record audio from two SmartMike+s simultaneously (called TWS Mode) - Mix multichannel audio in real-time, up to mix 7 audio channels at the same time; - Recognizes, auto transcripts and auto-generates subtitle files via the app; - Multi-level noise reduction; - Works with smartphone & DSLR. Cons: - Not work with some 3rd app, but open SDK for developers. - 48kHz will be better.
@yang_wang1 Which is the maximun distance?
Does this use Bluetooth? Will it work with Filmic Pro app?
@brentonhouse Great question. I think out of the box no. But Flimic will have to use their Smartmike+ SDK. This is what is keeping me from jumping on board at the moment.
Could you clarify the syncing technology in use here? Are you actually syncing by matching up a scratch track signal similar to how the Tentacle Syncs work or are you just recording the audio directly onto the video? Do you require the SmartMike+ app to sync the audio? You refer to it as "lip syncing," but it doesn't look like it actually syncs the audio to lips.
@etc The SmartMike+ app is required to sync the audio, as there is a synchronization algorithm for SmartMike+ app.
@yang_wang1 So there isn't actually any lip syncing going on? Is this just scratch track syncing? The description is extremely confusing. Perhaps the maker should be in here answering questions?
Nice product
@chamoisabbey Which is the maximun distance?
Excellent and useful product...
@yogeshwarpatil Which is the maximun distance?