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Second phone line app for mobile phones

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Get a dedicated business phone number with the features of a professional phone system all with an app on your smartphone.

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Nitin Tomar
Nitin TomarMaker@nitintomar · Product @GoDaddy @SmartLine
Hi, Product Hunt! I’m Nitin and I’m on the team that built GoDaddy’s latest app for small businesses and entrepreneurs, SmartLine.    SmartLine lets you create a dedicated business phone number for your company or venture that you can use right on the iPhone or Android cellphone you already own.   SmartLine features like texting, personalized business hours and custom voicemails are designed to help businesses establish a professional image – something we know is important to their success. The app also clearly displays when you’re receiving a SmartLine (business) call versus a personal call, so you can answer appropriately.   I’d love to hear any feedback or answer any questions! Thanks!
Atta ⚡️
Atta ⚡️@attacomsian · Founder, Wired Dots.
The link is broken.
Manuel Rappard
Manuel Rappard@manuel_rappard · Startup Founder & Ex-Googler
Hitarth Sheth
Hitarth Sheth@creativehitarth · 15. Founder, Buddhimaan -VR in School!😎
@attacomsian @manuel_rappard New link isn't working either :|
Nitin Tomar
Nitin TomarMaker@nitintomar · Product @GoDaddy @SmartLine
@attacomsian @manuel_rappard @creativehitarth above link will work only if you are accessing it within US. Alternate path is -> Phone Numbers -> Second Phone Number.
Dr. Nitin Bajaj, DBA
Dr. Nitin Bajaj, DBA@nitinsbajaj · Entrepreneur
Google Voice (GrandCentral) has been doing this for free, for years. What's different about SmartLine?
Nitin Tomar
Nitin TomarMaker@nitintomar · Product @GoDaddy @SmartLine
@nitinsbajaj Thanks, Nitin! SmartLine was built with the specific challenges small business owners and entrepreneurs face in mind. Small businesses and entrepreneurs are time poor and so ease of setup is essential. SmartLine takes minutes to get up and running, whereas other services tend to be more complex. SmartLine has key differences in the features that are important to GoDaddy customers, like showing that a call is coming from SmartLine (so that you know it’s business-related) on the same screen. SmartLine customers can set business hours, so they choose when to receive calls and when callers will hear voicemail. Upcoming features such as auto-attendant, multiple users, extensions make SmartLine a true professional solution built to satisfy small businesses needs. Lastly, GoDaddy’s big differentiator for any of our tools is our 24/7 GoDaddy customer support. For many small businesses, incoming phone calls are the primary communication channel for new clients or new leads - and GoDaddy’s 24/7 customer support ensures small business owners who use SmartLine for their business phone can always access any help they may need at a moment’s notice.
Tyler Frederick
Tyler Frederick@shakesmcquakes
@nitinsbajaj @nitintomar For your "Upcoming features" does that mean you will be incorporating a "hunting" feature? If my business receives two calls at once how will your service handle it?
Nitin Tomar
Nitin TomarMaker@nitintomar · Product @GoDaddy @SmartLine
@shakesmcquakes yes, upcoming features will include hunting. SmartLine makes a call to your mobile phone, so if you receive two calls at once you will have all the call options that your current mobile phone supports i.e. either you can switch between the two calls by placing one call on hold, or merge the two calls or if you don't do anything, caller will hear your SmartLine voicemail greeting and voicemail will be left on your business line.
Brian Curliss
Brian Curliss@briancurliss · Founder of
Embarrassed to be the one who asks, but how does this compare to tools like Burner?
Nitin Tomar
Nitin TomarMaker@nitintomar · Product @GoDaddy @SmartLine
@briancurliss Hi, Brian! Thanks for the Q! GoDaddy SmartLine is a professional solution, singularly focused on small business owner and their needs. More below on our specific features and how we differ!
Fraser Smith
Fraser Smith@frassmith · Software Developer, Shanghai, China
Looks interesting, but US only? Any plans to expand to other countries?
Nitin Tomar
Nitin TomarMaker@nitintomar · Product @GoDaddy @SmartLine
@frassmith yes, international expansion is on our roadmap.