SmartJoin helps you quickly and easily connect to Wi-Fi networks with your iOS device

Great idea! I think an Apple TV and a simple TV is a very cost efficient way for a business to let customers connect easilly, like a lobby or cafe. I thoght it's a bit hard to understand from the ATV app what to do as a visitor without having someone explaining that you download an iPhone app. Maybe to add some more instructions on the screen?
@mikaellowgren note that you don't need an Apple TV to use QRTV: you can use any iOS device to display the code, so an old iPad will do just fine.
I think I screwed up the listing and would like to edit it…
QR codes... What is this? 2012?
@jesse__muller next version will support BTLE and PeerKit transfer of the Wi-Fi info, so we can mop up all that robot barf…