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World's most advanced data tracking app



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Jack Smith — Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
what's with all these products recently making unquantifiable claims that they're "the world's best X", "world's most X" etc?
@_jacksmith : I don't see anything unquantifiable here. smartapp have been topping the charts worldwide. Looking forward to your valuable feedback on smartapp.
Bart Ruigrok — Data Nerd
@ivarjain I wouldn't call it the most 'advanced', especially because it is actually quite a neat, simple app, and 'advanced' makes it sound more complicated to use than it really is. (Also 'because it is topping the charts worldwide' is no reason for calling it 'the world's most advanced'.)
Bart Ruigrok — Data Nerd
@ivarjain And I would describe it as a 'data usage tracker' instead of a 'data tracker', bit clearer in my opinion :)
Max Guttman — Educator, artist, writer (they/them) ⚧
@_jacksmith thank you for calling this out every time someone does it again; it's an unoriginal marketing slogan and 9/10 times it's a groundless claim.
SyntacticSugarDaddy — Android Engineer
@ivarjain @_jacksmith But the Android version is only available for download in India
Neeraj Thakur — Marketer |
Here's what you can do:

• Track Wi-Fi usage by each hotspot.
• Track app wise usage on your Mac.
• Get daily Wi-Fi usage in your taskbar.
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