Smart Content Filter

The first content filter plugin for WordPress

Smart Content Filter is a WordPress plugin that allows you to hide or reveal any part of your blog posts using simple buttons.

With this plugin, your site visitors can control what they want to see and what they don’t.

Live Demo

If have any questions or feedback, feel free to comment below.

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22 Reviews5.0/5

Great work Ahfaz Ahmed! Awesome resource. Smart Content Filter


LOVE the links to the podcasts.



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Good plugin. I was literally in hunt for such a kind of plugin. Finally, I hunted it on ProductHunt <3

I got onboard to test it.

Very sleek and flexible.

I found this plugin very beneficial for my authority sites and Amazon sites to make users stick around longer.

Content filtering is "Table of Content" on steroids. Period.


Very lightweight, lots of templates, flexible


None, but sidebar widget support would be awesome

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Been looking for something like this :) Gona give it a go
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@mattgdavison Awesome! I hope you like it. :)
I think it's a great plugin that solves an issue major page builders ignored so far. Definitely worth having.
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@agrawalswadhin Thanks Swadhin. I hope this plugin helps content creators create a better experience for their readers.
Very Easy to use...Easy to Implement...No cons...
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