Smart Compose in Gmail

Write emails faster with Smart Compose in Gmail


Over the next few weeks, Smart Compose will appear in the new Gmail for consumers, and will be made available for G Suite customers in the workplace in the coming months.

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sree sreenivasan
Brendan Weinstein
Maggie Cheung
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  • Pros: 

    Faster email


    Google now Scans my email and the AI knows the context of what I write

    As somebody who likes to discuss political things with friends and try to look at stuff at different angles I'm fearfull that google will try to influence thinking or maybe even punish "wrong thinking" - wrong is of course googles flavor of the day...

    Michael Klein has never used this product.
  • Henry Fraser
    Henry FraserKnowledge and legal, Codepact

    Faster emails


    More emails. And Google tells you what to write (and think).

    Great, so Google will now nudge everyone's choices of words (and thoughts) in 'private' correspondence.

    Henry Fraser has never used this product.
  • Ida Aalen
    Ida AalenCPO & co-founder, Confrere

    Faster e-mails


    Now we can all become even more generic and soul-less ^_^

    Obviously useful, but I know I'll cherish the handwritten post cards even more from now, haha.

    Ida Aalen has never used this product.
  • Walter Bubie
    Walter BubieUx Designer, help create delight

    I’m not sure


    My sense is that my “creative” writing will be interrupted by suggestions that that are wrong. Machines keep working for humans!

    I do not want to recommend any tool that will make people lazy(er) and lower their writing /speaking skills.

    Walter Bubie has never used this product.