Smart Bedding 2.0

Linen bedding that helps you never make your bed again

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 25, 2016
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I didn't see anything on the website that explains why this is better than other bedding. Specifically where the "Never Make Your Bed Again" bit comes in.
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@avizuber Agree that a short video showing how that part "works" would make it easier to convince myself that $399 is worth it.
@avizuber I think I found the answer on this page: "By introducing a snap system along the left and right edges of the duvet cover and top sheet, the two pieces will always stay aligned." I agree it should be on the very first page of the site. Still not sure that convenient snap system strikes me as 'reinvention' or 'smart'. It more looks like that some guys try make Moleskin among bedding. It's not that Moleskin is not worth it, it is just overhyped.
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@naweg @avizuber Agreed about video, and I'd add that maybe I'm living a vastly different life than others here, but your "revolutionary price" of $349 REALLY lost me. The last time I splurged on bedding I paid around $150. And that was a BIG splurge for me.
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@avizuber Yes, I was looking around for the same thing. @gubarev found it buried in a "Story". Would be nice if they moved that to the front of their site.
@gubarev @avizuber true true. What did they did with the peel iPhone skin was way better presented tbh.
Hey all, this is our newest product from Need/Want. We have a whole backstory to this that involves losing $100,000 with a bad manufacturer. We'll be putting together a blog post today about that. I'm happy to answer any questions!
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@marshal Congrats on launching 2.0! :)
@marshal That sucks about the manufacturer. I'd love to read that post. Anything you think we can do at Flexport to help you and others avoid that situation?
@marshal Looking forward for the story! Losing 100k sounds absolutely awful tho'!
Lovely website, nicely crafted product... yet after spending a good 20 minutes on the site I have no clue why I should choose Smart Bedding over another bedding set.
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@moynihan Hey Shaun, really appreciate this feedback. We definitely need to work up updating the copy a bit to make this more obvious.
@jon Totally. Again, the site is great looking and I know you guys are sticklers for the quality of your products. Just want to see that communicated fully. Keep up the great work!
@jon Would be great to also include in the video with some info about the quality of the linen, which I think would help justify the price.
Product kinda confused me at first, wasn't sure if it was satire of 'smart products' but looks awesome and love the design!
Love the product & website! Smashed the product imagery/lookbook too. Found myself searched the site for an explainer video, I think that'd go a long way.
@marty +1 for video. Not sure why I should be excited about this.