Smalls: Food for Cats

Cat food except actually healthy


Smalls is homemade food for cats that's prepared with 100% human grade ingredients and leaves the fillers, mystery ingredients and 25 year shelf lives of traditional pet "food" behind. We create a customized meal plan for your cats based on their age, weight, and body type and get you on your way with freshly prepared food delivered to your door.

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5 Reviews5.0/5

We feed Smalls to our family cat Sundance and he loves it. Great product, beautiful website too.


Healthy cat, happy life.



The box it came in was a fun surprise with little things like diamond dust powder (chicken liver powder) or the liquid gold (chicken broth) it’s all so clevery marketed


My cats love it and I love that it’s natural and good for them!


The top of the loaf doesn’t peel open as easily as as say a Chobani yogurt how it peels all the way off and doesn’t leave anything behind.