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How does it work? Let's imagine I want to make a flower delivery app...
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@bogomep So lets say you're starting your flower delivery app. You have 2 options with our API. You can get a listing of all flower shops (in our network) and let the user send a specific one (that you / they choose) and send them a specific order. The flower shop will reject or accept the order within X time - and the API will hook back to your app. The second option, is the order can be sent to all flower shops close by your user - and the first one to accept the order can fulfill it.
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Hey everyone! Sorry for responding so late - the way it works, is the API sends orders to mobile & desktop apps the small businesses in our network have. Those businesses reject or accept the orders they do or do not have bandwidth for. And our API communicates that back to your app which initiates the order. In terms of payment - your app (facing the consumer) would collect the payment as usual, and would be charged by the API periodically. As we're still in early stages of the beta though, we're largely looking for partners to be early testers (to make sure the businesses can handle X volume etc.). We know for many on-demand apps, choosing the right fulfillment partners (in this case, small businesses) is extremely important - as they are a main touchpoint with the customer. So we're really trying to make sure we can nail down the best experience possible for both sides of that relationship. We'll be hanging out in the comments if anyone has any other questions! :)
@nasherasher really interesting, I was wondering in what countries are based your "partner" (shop), worldwide, U.S., Europe?
@mrdobelina our network of small businesses are based in the US :)
@nasherasher ouch, ok! I'm currently based in Italy so that's a sad news =)
@mrdobelina Sorry about that :(
@nasherasher Love thew idea and fits in directly with some side projects I have been working on. Would love to connect further on being an early Beta tester!
The fact that this is made by Constant Contact makes me a lot more confident that it might actually work. I was very skeptical at first. The hard thing here is getting the supply side on platform. With their scale CC seems in a good position to do this. Not sure why that info is buried at the bottom of the page.
@sammybauch Hi Sam, thats exactly right - we have an enormous network of small businesses that makes this connection fit perfectly in our wheelhouse. The information is kind of buried right now because we're in beta/testing, and aren't making any official announcements right now.
@nasherasher How many of those small businesses are grocery or liquor retailers?
HI there, could you please explain more how it work and what can it work for ? what's the payment process and others ? I have 20 Million Users and i want to publish a app that take services like what you mention above . Thanks
@ilyashassani Hey Ilyas, I think my response below answers these questions - please let me know if theres anything else I can clear up! :)