Small BIG Changes

Small changes that can have a big impact on our planet.

We're already feeling the effects of climate change and I felt powerless about what I could do. So I compiled small changes anyone can make in their lives that can contribute to a big impact on our planet.
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Hey everyone! It's hard to be indifferent to global warming and, initially, I felt powerless. Different news outlets and websites report on small bits of it and it's hard to see the full picture. All the information flying around made me feel overwhelmed, confused and didn't help me make sense of it all. Turns out, a few (small) changes to our lives can have a significant impact to reduce our footprint. So I compiled these changes, along with how much emissions they can save, making them easier to compare. If you want to contribute, ping me and let's do this together ✌️
Great work! Love the fact that you tried to turn it into an eco website. This should become mainstream.