Comments on “Sloth
JB@jay_bee12345 · Founder
This is a very helpful tool.. I look forward to using it. I have one feature suggestion if your interests and circumstances permit please regard your attention to the following idea: Consider adding a feature that allows users to set a punishment for not completing the scheduled task.. There can be a list of auto-generated punishments list to select from.. … See more
marie ng@ngthatsme1 · Founder, Sloth
@jay_bee12345 Hey JB! thanks for the suggestion, we are more than open to ideas so feel free to comment away! Already working on v2, things like pre-set lists, silent alarms (color flash), and showing the complete duration and end time for the list. Re: punishments, I wonder if we should flip this to the positive and make it a reward instead. Although, puni… See more
JB@jay_bee12345 · Founder
@ngthatsme1 Both punishments and rewards may be beneficial.. As the punishments are designed to help you anyways.. 10 pushups will increase your day's workout.. Another example of a punishment is no video gaming all day.. Resulting in a more productive (less enjoyable) day.. The rewards idea is brilliant this will give extra incentive to complete the t… See more