Sloth Worth

See the cost of your mindless browsing

Sloth Worth counts the time you spend on distracting sites and shows how much money you could make if you were working instead.

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I think there's a bug. I tried updating my hourly rate to "not enough" per hour, but it didn't work...
@b0rno damn, you scared me for a moment! πŸ˜›
"How much do those little breaks on Reddit really cost me?" Now I know. This plugin allows you to input your hourly rate, and then it calculates how much your mindless internet surfing costs you. Great for freelancers and solo-founders. 😁
Some time ago I was working on a freelance platform that requires installing a time tracker that counts your screen time. While it was a bit intrusive, I kind of enjoyed watching how the money increase in real-time, and it helped me develop a better sense of my time's worth. One day I got annoyed with accidental time waste on social networks and decided to get a counter like this for every distracting site. So here's Sloth Worth.
Great idea :) What about if I opened a tab but I forget for hours ?
@orhanbayram it goes idle in 2 minutes by default. The extension also detects when the window is out of focus.
It's a super cool idea! Unfortunately didn't display for me when installed.
@treggify thanks! What's your browser and site you're testing? It appears only on distracting sites (you can add more from the extension's popup).
@ivmirx I'm on Chrome on Mac OS. Tried it on youtube, and didn't see it show up anywhere. Reloaded and changed the location of the bubble as well and still didn't see it. Lemme know if there's anything else you need me to do to debug/fix whatever the issue is! :)
@treggify you can enable the "Developer mode" on the extensions page, and then enable the "Collect errors" checkbox for the Sloth Worth.