Sloth Facts

Learn everything there is to know about sloths

Want to know more about these cute little creatures but feeling lazy? Enable sloth facts and ask away! It has facts about two toed, three toed, and giant ground sloths.

You can ask the following:
* Tell me a random fact
* Tell me a three toed sloth fact
Jakub Zajíček
  • Jakub Zajíček
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    Everything. We need to spread #SlothWareness.


    Nothing. Never.

    One of the best products out there.

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Jonathan Porter
Jonathan PorterMaker@porterhaus · Building useful things for others.
We decided to make this product because we wanted to bring awareness to the critically endangered pygmy sloths. The skill has interesting facts about the current species of sloths as well as a few that are extinct. It's open source and provides users with links to organizations and ways they can help sloths.
Jakub Zajíček
Jakub Zajíček@jakub_zajicek · Everything voice/social mobile
This is literally the best thing on the Internet.
alMaker@almostthere · Photo creds @emileseguin