A relaxing, minimal and beautiful Ski Game for IOS

Slope is a relaxing, minimal and beautiful Ski Game for iOS and Android

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Update: The game just got featured on Apple's AppStore in their "New Games We Love" section. Thanks for the love guys xoxo
Hey guys, Robbie here, creator of the game. Influenced by Alto's Adventure, Powder and Yeti Mountain. Available on android here: :)
Just tried the game... I wouldn't say it is relaxing. You have to lift - touch - lift - touch to move the player. And it's too small/quick. Maybe the pro version is better... but I couldn't get hooked on post- the first 2 minutes on free one. Hope others have a better experience.
@freeman_faiz Thanks for the feedback mate. It can get a bit fast the further you go. I'm currently working on a zen mode for the game... kind of like Alto's zen mode... Hopefully you will enjoy this more. Thanks again, Rob
Exactly like Powder, an App Store classic. Unfortunately I don't think they're maintaining the game.
@rueter Yes, great game which had lots of potential. Unfortunate that they stopped development :(