Luc Chaissac
Luc Chaissac reviewedSliteThe note app for teams

nice experience, channel organisation, improves transparency, centralized knowledge, no brainer, daily use base


no mobile app

We've been using Slite for few months, and we can't be more happy. Best benefit is that it's a perfect way to improve transparency inside our team and to onboard new teammates!

Luc Chaissac has used this product for one year.
Pierre Renaudin
Pierre Renaudin@pierre_renaudin · Sliter
Would love to hear from your use cases and note examples you love to do with Slite?
Luc Chaissac
Luc Chaissac@lucchaissac · Designer
@pierre_renaudin something great for teams that scale is to create a note where new team members can explore company culture, add personal informations and search for resources, here's a preview of our "Onboarding intro note": - We even use it to share short meeting notes with our clients: - And to gather all our informations/knowledge in one place, processes, devices, passeport informations, HR informations etc...