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I have one, but it's not very durable at all.
@_jacksmith original or micro? Where is it wearing?
@johnsheehan original. the whole thing looks pretty beat up
@_jacksmith sorry to hear it didn't hold up as well as you'd have liked. The new MICRO with reinforcements is going to look newer for a lot longer. I sent you a PM to help out...
@slimfold appreciate the feedback. I think you're right that the new reinforcements should help a lot.
Looks really sleek. Anyone have one of these?
@jabeuy I'm curious too. How much can it hold? I have a few credit/bank cards, a transport card, and some bills.
@jabeuy I have had one since March of 2013. It still holds all my cards but definitely looks really beat up. It is really slim, there have been times I thought I lost my wallet but it turns out I just couldn't feel it in my pocket.
@michaelcarrano thanks! Just placed an order for the Micro. I'll try to prep myself for lost wallet scares :D
@jabeuy Also placed an order. I tried to enter "ProductHunt" as a discount code, but didn't work (you never know!) :)
@lucascerdan we should start our own Founders Club-like membership :)
Its a very cool wallet. Also check out the jac henri line if you want something a bit more stylish. Everyones goal seems to be get to as zero a wallet as possible, but the best balance really is something that is very thin as to not leave a outline on your pants but thick enough so you know its still there. The JH is a good example of that.
Now if only Toronto could jump into the 21st century and stop using coins for public transit, I could use this ... Very sleek.
@iorahul Haha. Use a Presto card?
@jabeuy I would, but the stations are still not everywhere (like on street cars). I'll probably transition to it soon.
Love the idea, but I'm a bit worried about durability. The comments often mention that the product doesn't look ok even after a few months. For now I'm quite happy with the DUN Wallet, but the price of the slimfold make it really interesting and might be a great gift to do once the durability issue is sorted. BTW @rrhoover I absolutely think that a "phisical product" section in PH would be awesome :D the product I saw here were always great.
@andrea_sdl it's your lucky day. Slimfold just launched a followup product that is SUPER durable: http://www.producthunt.com/posts... it's also quite a fair bit thinner than your DUN wallet (should be). I just picked up mine today and it's awesome.