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6 years ago I founded MyPizza as a passion project to help my family and friends in the pizza business. I built MyPizza to manage their digital menus and online ordering, enabling them to focus on making great pizza. Word about MyPizza traveled throughout the pizza community, and my project grew to handle orders from millions of customers across the country. Today I’m proud to introduce you to SLICE! My vision has always been to connect people through pizza and empower pizzerias in a changing industry that’s increasingly reliant on technology. People expect mobile ordering for all the food they love — including authentic local pizza. Since pizzerias and their customers both crave effortless ordering, we’re launching a completely new design and branded customer experience to connect more people with their favorite pizzerias and help restaurants succeed. We are all thrilled for the next phase of our business and vision for SLICE: Uniting proud pizza makers, loyal customers and communities everywhere, turning everyday moments into memories and events into celebrations. One slice at a time. Thank you in advance for your feedback and comments, Ilir
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@ilirsela I read your story on Business Insider the other day. Genius idea! Keep crushing it.
@professorz Thank you, Matt.
@ilirsela Congrats on the rebrand! Best of luck.
@ilirsela Keep fighting the good fight! I love the idea of niche eating apps instead of the mediocre monoliths (not naming names)
Not very clear that this is US only.
@bentossell Thanks, we are in fact U.S. based. Our founder, Ilir, just shared more of our story.
@bentossell Was thinking the same thing. A list of active cities would go a long way. Not to mention would serve as a nice sitemap for google, SEO.
Love the focus on doing one thing really well! However, when I enter my address I get "Error – no restaurants found". Not very clear if this is an error in your search tool or if it just means no pizzerias in my area are supported. If the latter then "error" is being misused in a confusing way here.
@stan thanks for the feedback! Where are you located if you don't mind sharing? Are you in SF? We have plenty of awesome pizzerias out there! If not, we're still building out our network of 6,000+ pizzerias so hopefully we'll be in your area soon.
@nmgav I'm in New Orleans. There are certainly lots of restaurants around here!
@stan Got ya. We have a few, but not sure if they're near your location for delivery:,
Love the idea of just a pizza service... Hate the fact that I've tried every place within my area already :(
@jimmyamash thanks! That's a good thing! Give it a try and let us know what you think.
App is definitely easy to use and clean however, I don't like how some businesses' pizza display names are the same but with different prices (I realized they are different sizes). Maybe display the size and # of people it can serve without requiring me to click in. Another option might be to just list each pizza once then show the sizes inside. Businesses might need some help setting up the menus correctly if that's inconsistent with the experience. Great job though! @ilirsela