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Good concept and features. Having A hard time imagining paying the retail price of $250 for a pillow and seems to be for side sleepers only. I'll keep an eye on this team though - I'd love their vibrate to wake alarm
Hi @garrettdunham - Brandon from SleepSmart here - I'll be 100% honest and say that I completely agree. We did a lot of surveys and found that $129 range was about the right place to be, but that was for the higher end of "normal pillows". We then got wide eyed with the new-ish (not fully proven) Smart Pillow market and the price point there is around $250-300 with some traction. So for Kickstarter we made the (probably wrong) decision to start high. Our plan is to get that down and value engineer everything (currently in work) as long as it doesn't compromise quality. The second link has a PH exclusive for $89. Re sleeping position - my co-creator on this wanted to focus on side sleepers as a focus niche - I'm personally a back sleeper, and it does work for back sleepers, but I'm going to make a tweak to it before mass production so it works for more sleepers. Tho back sleepers that use ultra thin (sub 1" tall) pillows - we won't be able to accommodate that with this product. Any requests, desires, frustrations - I'm all ears!
@brandon_larson just to confirm... I pick the $5 thank you option and then pledge $141 if I want the couple option (assuming two pillows)?
@jus10mcgill correct! Super appreciative of the support! You rock!
@brandon_larson What do you use for the vibrate-to-wake feature? I'll be honest I love my pillow - but if there was an insert for that at a $20-$40 price point I might do it. Only reason I don't use @sleepcycle (LOVE that product) is because it required my phone in my room, which means I get distracted by Reddit, PH, et. al. and loose sleep on the front end. Ended up paying $80 for a sunrise alarm (also love love love, but not as much as sleep cycle) but that can sometimes wake my wife, so alternate methods would be interesting. Can you tell I put a lot of focus on sleep?
@garrettdunham - great idea - we've had a few others ask about this, and are considering something standalone, but want to focus on delivering the product first. Def put it on the list. The thing that makes our alarm very unique is that it's inside an air bladder and has some damping designed into the resonance member - so we generate a vibration wave through the entire bladder (and entire pillow) with nearly inaudible sound. Makes it fully silent, but highly effective. Beta users typically giggle when they felt it - it's pretty different.
I love this idea. I have 3 pillows. One big fluffy down, one tempurpedic, and another thin firm one, and I go back and forth between them usually bc I'll switch from sleeping on my back, to my side and want more comfortable support for my head and neck. Not only does this pillow change support levels, but also has the vibrate alarm and sleep monitoring so it can wake you up when you're out of a REM cycle. Pretty awesome all around.
@kristofertm We hear that story so often - lots of pillows - lots of swapping. Research shows that sleep disruption, also called sleep fragmentation, has a negative impact on recovery during sleep - mainly affecting cognitive rest! From our beta testing, we've been able to reduce disruptions that are caused by pillow issues. Looking forward to getting this into the hands of more and more people and also learning how we can make better products to address as many sleep issues as possible.
Awesome product, i think i need this.
@buddies2705 what we think we become... let's all become pillows! ///*that sounded better in my head.
@brandon_larson no ..lets only use it :)
Why Hello There! Maker here :-) TL;DR On Kickstarter now - Exclusive deal for PH in second link. It’s an Adjustable Pillow - For Realz! Oh and I’m a sleep expert - ask me anything. I’m Brandon - nice to meet you :-) co-creator of the SleepSmart Pillow. I’ve been an elite sports coach, technologist, and sleep/recovery/performance researcher for the last 4 years. Ask me anything about sleep. As for SleepSmart - it became a reality because of two frustrations. Frustration #1 My co-creator, Jae Son, has a damaged neck and over the years he’s been flipping and folding and stacking pillows, but pillows are fundamentally flawed in their design - as they are designed to be either comfortable (a bag full of stuffing that collapses when your head is on it) OR supportive (like memory foam but it’s usually more firm to hold your head and neck in good alignment and doesn’t adjust). There are very few pillows that are both comfortable AND adjustable in terms of support height, but adjustment is not easy - you either need to manually open the pillow to add or remove filling or like the MyPillow - you have to adjust it daily b/c the foam inside expands between sleep sessions. We’ve all been there - it’s hard to find the perfect pillow and it’s almost always a compromise. Solution: We took an engineering approach and tested about 100 pillows over 10 months (sleep testing, compression testing, material characterization, full on nerded it out). In the end we developed a pillow that has two layers - and comfort layer on top of an adjustable support layer. The adjustable support layer (called the cloud support system) is a reinforced thin film fabric bladder with an airtight coating that makes it soft and stretchable - no funky air bladder feel like a camping pillow. Frustration #2 As a coach, I personally find it incredibly frustrating that most sleep trackers and wearables these days focus on the data and not on the outcomes. If you were coaching an olympic swimmer - you’d have a plan that takes all their performance data and advances their performance over time to a desired outcome - winning a gold medal. The way most wearables and apps approach this today is to give the swimmer some lap times and hope they figure out the rest on their own. True - this is starting to change and I’m all for that. Solution: The app uses a very accurate air pressure sensor in the pillow to know exact times that head is on and off pillow and motions of the head. This data is used by the app to provide the user increased awareness of their behaviors such that their behaviors can be gently nudged in a more desirable direction over time. They learn a little, and they get better rest. From there we added in a silent alarm unlike anything on the market - since we have an air bladder we can resonate a damped vibration member in said bladder like the tuned exhaust/muffler system on a sports car - you get a really pleasing sensation across the full pillow. Lastly the phone, if in the room, can also detect sounds and snoring to give you awareness of your audio environment at night. My business partner and I have developed products in the past (super happy and open to discussing approach to design in general) and are using the Kickstarter as a way to reach real paying customers and learn from them. While we have manufactures lined up, we plan to do one more iteration of the design based on backer feedback to ensure we build exactly what most people need/want. Thanks for reading that if you did - happy to chat about anything and everything. Brandon
Cool stuff. Amazing idea and realisation
@richardjjhayes thank you for the kind words. I think in this day and age just about anyone can realize an idea with a little digging and a lot of focused effort!