Dozens of beautiful ambient sound loops to help you fall asleep faster, sleep better, relax, meditate, or improve focus while you work.

To get started, just say...

"Alexa, open Thunderstorm Sounds"

"Alexa, open Rain Sounds"

"Alexa, open Ocean Sounds"

and more!

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Hey folks! I'd love to hear how you're using ambient noise in your daily life (whether it's with these Skills or not). I created these Skills to help me fall asleep when I lived in an apartment complex with a noisy upstairs neighbor, but it turns out that a lot of other folks wanted them too :) If you have any sound recommendations please let me know!
@nickschwab Hey! Thanks for building those skills. Did you ever looked into ASMR?
@nickschwab Nice! I sleep with pink or brown noise. It blocks out traffic, neighbors, etc. Would love to use Alexa for that.
@timothy_gray Great feedback! I'll add pink and brown noises to my to-do list!
@nickschwab I've been going to Youtube and searching "birds nature" for a long time to play in the background. Makes it feel like Spring time! If you add this you're getting a high-five from me
@kristofertm Good idea! Can you send me a link to the sound that you like so I can make something comparable? :)
Really surprised you don't have white/pink/brown noise. Such an easy thing to add to replace existing products on the market.
@tombielecki Working on it :) Can you share some links to white/pink/brown noises that you enjoy?