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Sleekplan is a customer feedback tool that can easily be embedded in any web application. The widget assists you to track suggestions, ideas, and bugs from your customers, share a roadmap, and keep a changelog.
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👋 Hello Product Hunters! Having finished my thesis on feedback management for SaaS at the end of last year, I thought it was time to put things into action. Finally, I’m super excited to launch Sleekplan here: An embedded all-in-one feedback widget that uses meaningful metrics. 💡 The basic idea was influenced by two concepts: Feedback tools, that let you collaborate with your customers - instead of having individual feedback from each user. This became my starting point. Also, I like chat widgets because of their simplicity and the natural feeling to interact with people behind the service. So I tried to combine these two approaches into a feedback tool. ⚠️ Listening to users is huge. It’s important. BUT relying on the number of votes when making product decisions can be harmful. Consider that your largest customers' vote counts exactly the same as a person running a free trial. I decided to introduce an algorithm that calculates an impact score. The score is based on much more meaningful metrics (e.g. customer satisfaction, customer weighting, implementation effort) in relation to the user interactions (e.g. votes, comments, subscribe).   Let's take a look at some essential features: - Collect & manage feedback via an embedded widget - Measure and monitor customer satisfaction - Calculate an impact score based on meaningful metrics - Structure feedback with custom categories and statuses - Create a Roadmap - Keep a Changelog and notify customers - Get full control over the widget via the JavaScript SDK 💬 I know that there are many other great tools out there, but now that I've spent some time on this topic, I think it's a diverse area and the needs of each person/team are a little different. My goal with Sleekplan was to create a product that is fully integrated as well as focused on simplicity and meaningful insights. I think I'm on a good path to getting there, but I'm sure there's still a lot of room for improvement. Please let me know what you think. PS: If you want to try it, there is a 30-day free trial (no credit card required), you can go with the free plan afterward or use the code PRODUCTHUNT and get 40% off!
Congrats on the launch, looks really useful :) Left some comments in context on your landing page here too that might help conversions -
@tom4 thank you! Really appreciate your feedback. I have shipped an update with your suggestion concerning the call-to-action button 👏
Congrats Marco for launching! 🍾
Thank you @wilbertliu 🎉
Congrats on your launch @marcograf, great work! 🥳 Very nicely done. 🎉
@sabrina_born thank you, nice to hear that you like it :)
I have same idea but you did, Congrats! Your product very useful.
@hoanganhlam thank you, really appreciate it! You're welcome to try it out and give me feedback on your thoughts :)