Remove image background in just 5 seconds with A.I.

Slazzer is an A.I. powered background remocval software that computer vision algoritms to quickly remove the background from any image in just 5 seconds or less.
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It looks great and usefull, thanks! How much different it is from
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Even i found this product is useful for todays lifestyle. Regards, Saritha @
Hi! is it better or the same as
@juandiegopolo this looks like an Indian clone of it. But much cheaper and works very well. I tested a few images and this seems so work a hair better.
@juandiegopolo Hi Jauan , Thank you for showing your interest . You can always take a free trial at -
Hey hunters , This is deep here founder and CEO of Netflairs Technology. and i am very excited to introduce my Product to you. Slazzer is an AI based tool that uses Machine Learning based algorithms to detect foreground and background pixels , and thereby removes the background of any image in just few seconds saving time and money. I started on developing this product with my team a year back , when we found how terribly time consuming and difficult it is to cut-out the background from image using manual software like photoshop etc it takes about 45-60mins or maybe even longer . SO that's when the idea of Slazzer was born and we started on this journey to make it easier for everyone to get Quality cut-outs without having to learn or use complex software that are available in todays market. With Slazzer anyone with a ZERO skillset , can quickly remove and cut backgrounds from any image in just 5 seconds or less. its that easy Just upload and get instant cut-outs in just a few seconds. Here are a Few highlights of Slazzer : Slazzer offers Bulk Background Removal via API or Desktop application that is available in windows or macOS . -The Best Pricing available in the Market as compared to other similar tools. _ Online Editor to edit and customise any image as you want. -Output of Upto 25 Megapixel. -Output in JPG or PNG format. Some of the updates that will be released soon are : - Photoshop Plugin - Woo-commerce Plugin -Shopify Plugin -Magento Plugin - Video Background Removal Anyone can use Slazzer and automate their workflow , Slazzer works well for Marketers , Designers , Developers , E-commerce sellers , Photographers etc .. Anyone and everyone can use Slazzer and save their time and money. We are confident that you will really love our product .
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Nice! What language did you use?
@techtom10 we have used python to develop our project
@deep_sircar that’s awesome! I’m learning python as we speak
Performance is very simillar to removebg