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If you want to market your product, it helps to blog about it. With Slashblog, you can blog from your own website instead of outsourcing to platforms like Medium or Quora. Your blog comes with a subscriber list so your followers are notified when you post.
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Trying it out now! Would love to be able to control theme of the blog or at least color/typography. Cool idea.
@haydmills Yeah, that was my take as well. More customizability would be nice.
@haydmills For sure. The blog's current look is just a starting point.
Hey Product Hunt! I made Slashblog after wanting to blog about a side project while not really wanting to build out full fledged blog functionality for the website. Now, anyone can add a handful of lines of code to their website and have a ready to go blog. I'm looking for criticism, so whatever you got throw it my way. Thanks.
Would this work with Shopify? That is the #1 complaint from Shopify users that the default blog is terrible but because it is hard coded to /blog, you can't do anything about it. It is also the reason many people pick WooCommerce over Shopify so they can do content marketing. If you could develop this for Shopify, you would have a mega hit.
My other 2 cents is that while I think your product is for sure useful, I don't like giving my credit card to get a free trial, it always feels a bit scammy to me. If you are 100% confident in your product then you should let customers try it for free for 7 days, no string attached. If your app delivers real value, then after 7 days people will pay for it without issue. Also removing the credit card requirement should help the initial sign up conversions.
@parag_r I actually completely understand why developers insist on a credit card for a trial. I did it myself with SongBox initially - however it is SUCH a barrier to entry for people that even though for many reasons it's the right thing to do, ultimately it will probably cripple user acquisition.
@mickc79 I also understand 100% why developers do it too because on paper it makes sense but if your app doesn't have a track record and the goal is to get people to use your app, you have to remove as many barriers to sign up as possible. Most people are always super hesitant to give a credit card to a site they don't know so they can trial a product which also they don't know is good yet. If after the free trial period, an app really delivers value then people will pay. The only time it makes sense to ask for credit card I think is when there is a high cost to onboarding etc, so you want to filter out people who aren't serious about being customers.
@parag_r I'm not sure you read my whole comment - I was agreeing with you.
@mickc79 I read it haha. Was just adding onto to my original comment.
Looks great! Are you able to optimise post metadata?
This is really clever. Two questions: does it support RSS, and is there a data export?